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2021 Annual Report

Incompass Michigan is a statewide network of comprehensive human service providers working together to develop independence and achieve inclusive communities.

Message from our President and CEO - Todd Culver

Looking back over the events of the last 2+ years brings recognition that we are changed - in so many ways: the people we serve have been isolated, their services interrupted; business models have been disrupted or completely scattered in a way that requires a new formula for re-assembly; we have borne anxiety, frustration, confusion, illness, loss, and grief. But it is the unwavering spirit of our members that has inspired the Incompass Michigan Team - kept us coming back, relentlessly, in our efforts to support you and assure mission success. We hope we have been of use, and we look forward to the work ahead. 

As we face forward, we need to remember that the days before the pandemic may not be the ideal to which we should aspire to return.  We are on a new trajectory as an association, disrupted by COVID, but nevertheless still on a journey of transformation, pushing through survival and navigating the path to the next level of achieving inclusive communities. We are a part of the changes occurring in our field, because they will occur with or without us, and we need to be at the table - embracing a future inclusive of these changes, but vigilant as well. And our future may require us to think differently, serve people differently, collaborate with nontraditional partners, and project our brand to the broader community in a different way.  

Part of the value proposition for membership in this association is connection with resources - information and innovation – that promote success for members and persons served. Our hope is that the connections we convene will strengthen our collective resolve to positively impact communities all over Michigan. Thank you again for all you do. 

MISSION: Through advocacy, innovation, education and leadership development, we empower our members to achieve their mission.

VISION: A statewide network of human service providers committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, optimal independence and engagement in the community, with enhanced quality and fullness of life.

SHARED PASSION: Independence and inclusion for all.

Incompass Michigan Invests In Our Members


Advocating for our members is always a top priority of the Association, in 2021 we provided a user friendly way to quickly and easily contact your legislators about important issues through the Incompass Michigan Advocacy Center including 10 Action Alerts


In 2021 we partnered with IMPART Alliance to bring training and technical assistance to our members on addressing the Direct Support Professional workforce crisis.


Virtual training continued with popular professional development opportunities on Job Coach Training, Motivational Interviewing, CARF Accreditation, ACRE Training, and Creating a Remote Work Policy.

The Association provided a variety of high quality, on-demand professional development training opportunities, through our Learning Management System, including:

  • Mitigating COVID 19 in the Workplace
  • Creating a Remote Work Policy
  • Internet Safety and Security
  • Basics of Fund Development
  • Engaging Your Board in Fundraising
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution
  • Grant Writing Basics I and II
  • Understanding Benefits
  • Employment Law Update, Quarantine Edition 
  • Best Practices for VR Professionals Working with Individuals with Hearing Loss
  • Building Future Leaders: A Better Approach to Succession Planning
  • Family Engagement

115 individuals attended our virtual Spring Conference, as we welcomed participants from Indiana Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, Ohio Provider Resource Association, Disability Service Provider Network, Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities. The full week of training included C-Suite Coffee Hours, Re-Building a Direct Support Workforce in a Post-Pandemic Environment, Enhancing Remote Service Delivery: The avail® Pilot, Employment Law Update 2021, How Coaching can Develop and Retain Top Talent Through the Chaos, Behavioral Health, Social Enterprise: Using the Power of the Marketplace to Fuel Social Impact, Inclusive Leadership and Organizational Belonging, Michigan Legislative Update, and "A leader always sets the trail for others to follow."

Many thanks to our sponsors whose support made this event possible:




  • Autism Alliance of Michigan
  • Dutton Farm
  • Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit
  • Hope Network


  • Midwest Employers Casualty

Rebooted re:con in partnership with Michigan Rehabilitation Services virtually with live and on-demand trainings offering CRCC and Social Work CEUs as well as connectivity opportunities like the Innovation Stage and Networking Lunches.

Thank you to our sponsors:

cvs logo

  • Autism Alliance of Michigan
  • Disability Network/Michigan
  • Gracious Grounds
  • Incompass Michigan
  • JVS Human Services
  • MHSA
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Association
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association
  • Midwest Employers Casualty
  • Oakland Community Health Network

Leadership Development

The Leadership Academy Graduated the 11th class of the Leadership Academy, now totaling 184 graduates since 2010; and welcomed the 12th cohort.

The cohort was our first ever fully virtual Leadership Academy where they learned more about finance and accounting, governance and board relations, legislative advocacy, strategic planning and organizational culture – and they certainly shined as leaders.  Many thanks to their organizations and their mentors for supporting them on this journey.

2021 Leadership Academy Graduates

  • Julie Barcia, Do-All, Inc
  • Carie Branch, JVS Human Services
  • Mailee Chang, Peckham
  • Rene Dell, JVS Human Services
  • Rebecca DeWaele, Judson Center
  • Dianna Elledge, Arnold Center
  • Dana Fuller, Oakland Community Health Network
  • Katie Hebden, Peckham
  • Emily Herman, Lakestate Industries
  • Menachem Hojda, Oakland Community Health Network
  • Charmaine Kennedy, Services to Enhance Potential
  • Cortney McLeod-Emerson, Peckham
  • Krystal Melton, Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids
  • Justin Pollard, Northern Transitions
  • Edith Rojas, Hope Network
  • Monika Sanders, Oakland Community Health Network
  • Andrea Schmidt, NEMROC, Inc.
  • Alyson Stauder, Services to Enhance Potential
  • Mik Thompson, JVS Human Services
  • Lawrence Thouin, New Horizons Rehabilitation Services
  • Katherine Webster, Oakland Community Health Network
  • Rita Yarber, JVS Human Services

The Leadership Continuum After a brief hiatus, we relaunched TLC with our 4th cohort and 28 total alumni.

Also held virtually, each of them proved to be a leader in their own right, with their own styles, experience, wisdom, and journeys in leadership. Thank you to their organizations and each of them for supporting and inspiring their peers through this advanced leadership program.

2021 Leadership Continuum Graduates

  • Andrea Davis, New Horizons Rehabilitation Services
  • Emily Ellis, TRICO Opportunities
  • Amanda Perez, Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids
  • Andrea Schmidt, NEMROC, Inc.
  • Alyson Stauder, Services to Enhance Potential
  • Nathan Volz, JVS Human Services

Incompass Michigan remains committed to providing strong leadership development programming. Building on our popular 101 series, we added Management 101 with three timely sessions focused on Learning to Manage, Team Chemistry, and Leading Virtual Teams.

Leslie Gallant of Oakland Community Health Network was selected to join the Incompass Michigan Board as the newest Emerging Leader board member for Academy graduates, strengthening and diversifying association governance.

Member Meetings and Workgroups

Ensured you were in-the-know on critical issues in a continuously changing world through 23 all-member Friday calls and 39 Info Alerts in addition to our weekly Updates15 Regional Meetings, and quarerly Workgroup Meetings - including the CMH Workgroup, VR Workgroup, Direct Support Professional Task Force and the new Behavioral Health Workgroup. 

This peer-to-peer connectivity provided opportunities for discussing hot topics, advice, feedback, collaboration and best practices when members needed it most.

Workers' Compensation Fund

Incompass Michigan administers a self-insured workers’ compensation insurance fund for its members. The program has been in operation since 1988 and we're proud to announce that the self-insured Workers' Compensation Fund will be distributing over $1 million in premium discounts to Fund members for 2022.

Health and Safety Training & Loss Prevention Services

Incompass Michigan staff provide health and safety training for organizations working with people with disabilities and other barriers to employment at no cost thanks to MIOSHA CET Grant Funding - over 25 Safety Trainings available via our on-demand Learning Management System and mobile INTOUCH SAFETY app. 

In 2021 we provided over 2,300 hours of Workplace Safety Training and over 170 hours of Loss Prevention Consultation Hours.


About Our Members

2021 Member To Member Honorees

In 2021 we celebrated the honorees of our first ever Essence of Collaboration and Impactful Mentor Awards.

The Essence of Collaboration Awards give distinction to member organizations (or individuals from a member organization) who took specific, meaningful action in support of another member, or a group of members, to the benefit of all.

2021 Awardees:

  • Kimberly Pietrylka-Miller, New Horizons Rehabilitation Services recognized by Terey DeLisle, Services to Enhance Potential
  • Peckham, Inc. recognized by Jill Bonthuis, Pioneer Resources

Impactful Mentor Awards gives distinction to leaders within an Incompass Michigan member organization who provided outstanding mentorship to an individual from another Incompass Michigan member organization. This mentorship relationship strongly benefited the mentee and possibly their organization.

2021 Awardees:

  • Renee McMann, Vocational Independence Program – VIP recognized by Andrea Schmidt, NEMROC
  • Chris Zeigler, MRC Industries recognized by Cherie Johnson, MMI, Inc.
  • Cherie Johnson, MMI, Inc. recognized by Jennifer Grace, Arnold Center
  • Joe Evans, Incompass Michigan recognized by Lisa Rhudy

In 2021, We Served 49 Organizational Members Across the State.

Our Members Serve All 83 Counties in the State.

Our Members Employed Over 7,000 FTEs and PTEs in 2020.


Our Members Provided Services to Over 230,000 
Individuals with Barriers in 2021.

WHO: Incompass Michigan Members Serve

Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities 98%
Individuals with Mental Illness 98%
Individuals with Physical Disabilities 82%
Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries 65%
Unemployed or Underemployed 49%
Individuals with Substance Use Disorders 49%
At Risk Youth 43%
Veterans 43%
Children and Families 35%
Returning Citizens 29%
Seniors 27%
Individuals who are Homeless or Experiencing Chronic Poverty 25%

WHAT: Services & Supports Incompass Michigan Members Provide

Incompass Michigan members help individuals all across the state to live, work, and play in the community. 




  • Employment Services
  • Job Placement
  • Job Coaching
  • Business Services
  • Skill Building
  • Self Employment and Micro-Enterprise Development
  • School-To-Work Transition
  • Mental Health Services
  • Supports Coordination
  • Autism Supports
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Community Living Supports
  • Residential
  • Transportation
  • Arts and Recreation
  • Clubhouse
  • Respite Care
  • ASL Services

Member Satisfaction Survey

Incompass Michigan is proud to provide the best information available, and the highest level of connectivity, to support our members and promote success in a transformative and dramatically changing policy landscape.

Results of our member satisfaction survey: 

Communications 4.4/5.0
Peer Connectivity 4.1/5.0
Government Relations Advocacy 4.5/5.0
Education and Leadership Development 4.3/5.0


Based on a rated scale of 1-5 with 1 = Strongly Disagree and 5 = Strongly Agree.

2021 Financial Overview

Revenue: ​$658,271

​Expenses:​ $628,450

Nonoperating Activities: $53,816

Total Change in Net Assets: $83,637

Strategic Plan

Join Us!

Organizational Membership is open to organizations that provide one or more service promoting community access and inclusion that are committed to diversity, optimal independence and engagement in the community to enhance the quality and fullness of life for people with disabilities and other barriers.

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Incompass Michigan Team

TODD CULVER, President and CEO


KAREN STEVENS, Accounting Manager

JOE EVANS, Member Ambassador

KATIE KINDE, Education and Administrative Coordinator