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The Leadership Continuum

Incompass Michigan The Leadership Continuum

TLC is designed exclusively for graduates of the Incompass Michigan Leadership Academy who are ready to advance their knowledge and skills as leaders. 

These individuals have successfully completed the requirements for graduation from The Leadership Continuum, and Incompass Michigan is proud to recognize them as alumni.

Individuals marked with an *asterisk have advanced to serve in C-Suite level roles.

Names and organizations are reflective at the time of graduation, some may have changed since.

Click here for more information about The Leadership Continuum.


  • Laurel Buck, Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids
  • Terey DeLisle, Services to Enhance Potential
  • Leslie Gallant, Oakland Community Health Network
  • Danita Love-Carter, JVS
  • Gloria McMullan, MARO
  • Robert Rafferty, TRICO Opportunities
  • Kelly Scanlon, Peckham
  • Melissa Sherman, JVS
  • Tamaria White, Services to Enhance Potential
  • Byron Williams, Peckham


  • Jenipher Guerin, Judson Center
  • Patty Kasbohm, Hope Network
  • *Laurie Morse-Dell, MARO
  • *Kimberly Pietrylka-Miller, New Horizons Rehabilitation Services
  • Steve Slayton, Services to Enhance Potential
  • Lillie Sorrell, JVS


  • Melissa Cummings, Peckham
  • Jessica Diener, Peckham
  • Kathleen Frederick, Vocational Independence Program
  • *Jennifer Grace, Arnold Center
  • Kaylee Hilgendorf, Lapeer Team Work
  • Jill Szyszko, Hope Network


  • Andrea Davis, New Horizons Rehabilitation Services
  • Emily Ellis, TRICO Opportunities
  • Amanda Perez, Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids
  • Andrea Schmidt, NEMROC, Inc.
  • Alyson Stauder, Services to Enhance Potential
  • Nathan Volz, JVS Human Services


  • Carie Branch, JVS Human Services + Kadima
  • Rene Dell, JVS Human Services + Kadima
  • Rachel Densmore, Oakland Community Health Network
  • Charmaine Kennedy, Services to Enhance Potential
  • Kasey Koster, Hannahville Indian Community
  • Janonne Reynolds, New Horizons Rehabilitation Services
  • Andrea Walters, Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids
  • Katie Webster, Oakland Community Health Network


  • Sarah Beauregard, Gesher Human Services
  • Ted Goewey, Gesher Human Services
  • Menachem Hojda, Oakland Community Health Network
  • Dawn Krull, Oakland Community Health Network
  • Ashia-Denise Moore, Gesher Human Services
  • Holly Mullins, , Services to Enhance Potential
  • Shonda Rushing, Services to Enhance Potential
  • Aimee Szabo, Services to Enhance Potential