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Leadership 101

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Leadership 101 is designed for new to mid-career managers that want to strengthen their leadership skills. The virtual series covers DEI, performance management, and organizational trust, in addition to essential leadership principles.


Raising Your Leadership Lid

with Deb Eslinger, Eslinger Consulting LLC

What is leadership and why is it important? We will discuss essential leadership principles to help you go from where you are today to where you want to go in your leadership journey. And when put into practice, you will develop healthy habits that successful leaders use on a daily basis.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

with Darlene King, Michigan Diversity Council

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Performance Management for New Managers

with Kimika Garrett, Organizational Kimistry

Congratulations…you just landed your first manager level role! Now what? This workshop will help you answer that question and provide you with approaches and insight on how to navigate a critical component of being a successful manager: employee performance management. We will dive deeper into the interpersonal aspects of performance management and actively discuss the common pitfalls of new managers.

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Organizational Trust 

with Sandy Harvey, Exodus Consulting Group

Organizational Trust is about helping leaders effect outcomes by building, improving, or restoring an environment of trust. Participants examine the quality of trust on an organizational and personal level and then reviewing the characteristics and behaviors which shape trust. They’ll also identify the warning signs of a low-trust organizations.

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